Umlaut Heavy Metal Usage

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Recent findings have concluded that when it comes to umlaut usage, Motorhead uses the mark in the most correct fashion, to form the rounded “O” sound in the second syllable, whereas Motley Crue uses the umlaut incorrectly, as the “O” in “Motley” is short and not rounded. Even if we are to accept Vince, Nikki, Mick and Tommy’s use of the umlaut above the “u” in “Crue,” the band name would be still be pronounced as “Mooo-tley Cruuuu” if we are to adhere to the umlaut’s role in the Germanic idiom.
Blue Oyster Cult’s use of the umlaut is equally as problematic, as the mark is used just as gratuitously, with the rounded “O” pronunciation rendering the band’s name, when spoken aloud, as “Blue Oooo-ster Cult.”
The poor umlaut is further abused by Queensryche. Placing it above the hybrid vowel “Y” not only confuses things further, but does not lend itself to linguistically ‘rounding’ the syllable as easily as the letter “O,” with “Queens-rooooke” being the unfortunate result.
We conclude that only Motorhead had even the faintest knowledge of the umlaut’s true role / usage beyond being harnessed as a superfluous graphic element to convey Teutonic boldness, bravery or toughness.
Kudos to Lemmy, Fast Eddie and Philthy Phil for their linguistic and phonetic prowess.